Chris Chaos

Sixth Street was Carnival Production's "Midway", and Capitol City was the Main Event, the "Center Ring" of the Big Show. "You ain't seen the Elephant, if you ain't been to Capitol City!" And the Ringmaster in the Center Ring was the One and Only Chris Choas. True to his name, Chris Chaos is the master of all the Chaos and Pandemonium that is Sixth Street.

Born in Oklahoma City, Chris got to Texas as soon as he could. As an Air Force Brat, Chris traveled all over the country with his family, moving from Base to Base until his father got stationed at Bergstrom A.F. B., outside of Austin, where Chris said "I found my place in the world, and Austin was where I was gonna live My life". Chris's life revolves around Austin's wild, and weird "Alternative Scene". Freaks of all descriptions inhabit the sidewalks of Sixth Street, and when the sun goes down Austin's Capitol Dome, the Freaks come out to play! And when they do, Chris Chaos is right there to help them to shock and amaze their friends.

Chris Chaos is the currently reigning Tribal King of Austin's "Modern Urban Savages". He is well versed in all of the Tribal, and Alternative Body Art and Body Modifications, which are so much at the heart of the Alternative, and Heavy Metal Lifestyles. Chris Chaos is graduated from the Carnival Body Arts Institute just in time to celebrate the occasion with the annual South by Southwest blowout. Be sure to come on down to Capitol City to celebrate his installation as a Journeyman Tattooist at Capitol City. In addition to his duties as the Manager of Capitol City, Chris was the Training Assistant to Master Tattooist, Notorious Ed with the Carnival Body Art Institute. Congratulations, Chris, you've earned it!