Jonathon Furlow, “JonZig”, started with us in 1993. He was the first Apprentice in our program at Singapore John’s on Austin’s South Side. JonZig was already a well known airbrush artist, as well as illustrator for local “heavy metal” publications. He had worked for a local tattooist drawing flash, and cleaning needles for 18 months, and was still not doing any actual tattooing. To make matters even worse, the artist was signing Zig’s work as his own. JonZig left him in disgust. That is when we met him.

We proceeded to give him an “Introduction to the Tattoo Machine”, walked him through the basic procedure, and put a tattoo machine in his hands. We had him tattooing live human flesh in three days! In less than a week, Zig was tattooing walk-ins for money.

JonZig worked for us until 1997, when he left to try his hand on his own. He now, owns his own studio, Alliance Tattoos, on Austin’s near North Side. Zig is one of the top custom tattoo artists in the country, and has been compared to the legendary Paul Booth for his startling Black and Grey Gothic, and surrealistic tattoos. His appointment book is usually filled up 6 – 8 months in advance.