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About the Program

The Apprentice Program is a traditional “Hands-On” apprenticeship program with individual “one to one” supervision from Ed, as well as inter-active experience between the apprentices, each one helping the newer students to refine their new skills. By helping other students to perfect their skills, the apprentices must carefully examine, and re-examine their own skills and techniques.

The program covers all of the skills necessary to not only work in a modern professional studio, but to manage, or open a successful studio of their own. Subjects covered include: Health Department Regulations, Sterilization and Aseptic Procedures, Tattoo Machine Theory, Mechanics and Maintenance, Tattoo Needle Bars, Mixing Pigments, Preparation of Designs and Stencils, Human Anatomy as it refers to tattooing, professional ethics, and so much more, and, you will also learn to Pierce!

We expect that all of our Apprentices will be able to do basic tattoos on walk-in clients, and pierce for money within 6 – 8 weeks. Once an apprentice demonstrates this ability, they will be given an opportunity for a regular “chair” in one of our shops to tattoo on commission.

The Apprentice Program is absolutely Drug Free! We don’t care if you smoke a little pot, or take an occasional drink, but any use of cocaine, crack, crank (methamphetamine), "X", ice, heroin, etc. is strictly forbidden, and any violations will result in immediate termination. Tattoo and Piercing clients deserve the best, and they can’t get it if their artist is messed-up on drugs.