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The Apprentices

We currently have eight apprentices who come from all over the country:

Our senior apprentice, Brett, just graduated from the Basic Apprentice Program, and received his Journeyman’s Certificate over the July 4th holidays. Brett has worked hard, and applied all that he has learned over the last 2 years, is doing some of the cleanest work in Texas, and is one of the most sought after custom artists in the area. Brett is the manager of Pinky’s, and has just assumed the mantle of General Manager for all of the studios as part of his Advanced Course, specializing in the day-to-day management of a successful business serving the community in which it is located.

Niko is our next senior apprentice. He started last summer, and is now the manager of Toon Town. He does some of the most consistent, solid, and bold tattoos around, as well as whatever piercings his clients might want. Niko’s quiet, professional manner makes his clients feel relaxed and confident as he works his personal magic.

Fiona, who started last August, backs up Niko with her unique style, and rapidly expanding client base of satisfied customers, and referrals. Originally from the Boston area, Fiona has traveled all over our great land, particularly the great American Southwest, even constructing, and living in a dug-out sod house on the “Rez” outside Taos New Mexico. Fiona is a true “Free Spirit”, and personifies what it means to be a “Hippie” in the 21st century.

Courtney comes to us direct from the U.S. Navy, and she looks the part with her old school nautical tattoos. Courtney is our Master Piercer. She also does the graphic layouts for our promotional fliers, and posters.

James, originally from New Mexico has been back with us since last April, and is now doing consistently clean work, and building a client base at Ol’ Poop & Rudy’s, and we are all proud of him.
Jon from California, a friend of Brett’s from college, started just after the X-mass / New Years holidays. Jon is also doing very well at our newest studio, Toon Towne Tattoos.

Our newest apprentice, KC, also comes to us from Southern California, and has been doing apprentice tattoos for the last couple of weeks, and we expect that he will be doing basic wall-flash tattoos for money this weekend at Pinky’s. “Way to go, KC!”

Bryan / College Station