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Bryan / College Station

Bryan is a nice country town of 65,000, most of whom are middle-class working folks, and has the feel of a mid-American town of the late 50’s. It has a laid back life-style, numerous parks, and is undergoing a Downtown Historic Restoration. There is abundant housing, (older houses rent for $450 - $800, and apartments go for $299 – to whatever you want to spend. Bryan has a thriving economy, and draws shoppers from small communities within a 50-mile radius. Bryan is also home to St. Joseph’s Hospital, and to Blinn College (est. 1867).
Our main studio, Ol’ Poop and Rudy’s Olde School Tattoos and Professional Piercing is located at 104 S. Texas Ave. (Bus. 6), between the Brazos Co. Courthouse, and the Bryan City Hall. It’s unique Carnival Style Banner-Lines, and 40’s style pin-up art have made it one of the most recognized businesses in Bryan, (a local land-mark of sorts).

College Station is home to Texas A&M University, one of the most respected Engineering, and Veterinary Schools in the world, and one of the most respected academic institutions in its’ other fields as well. Students of all races, and cultures come from all around the world to study at this prestigious University. Over 25,000 new freshman students arrive each year to begin their studies at A&M, most of them from well-to-do conservative families with upper-level incomes. (Both Presidents Bush are A&M graduates) Many of these students are away from home for the first time, and are eager to explore the Alternative Lifestyle that is epitomized by tattoos and piercing.
Our second studio, Pinky’s New School Tattoos and Exotic Piercing is located in the heart of the Northgate Entertainment District, (between the Main Campus and the Dorms), and with its’ unique fantasy art, and colorful façade has become one of the hottest stops during the week-end marathon of partying, and clubbing that has long been an Aggie Tradition. Pinky’s is in your face tattooing, reminiscent of the studios on Long Beach’s famous Pike during its’ hey-days, but with a modern twist. The tattoo stations are up on a stage providing an up-close, and personal view of the proceedings. The artists at Pinky’s are the stars of the show, and are treated like rock-stars by the students.
Our newest studio, Toon Towne Tattoos has just opened across from the Tejas Center. Named for the artists’ community located in the forest behind the Texas Renascence Faire, where the artists and craftsmen live and produce the many arts, and crafts that are featured at the Renn-Faires around the country, (which they call “Toon Towne”), and the cartoon strip which features our young apprentices as they struggle to master this most ancient art-form.
This studio will not only feature the best in tattoo art, and exotic piercing, but will also feature arts and crafts made by the olde world artisans of Toon Towne, previously only available at the Renn Faire, and the largest selection of smoking devices for the connoisseur of fine tobaccos, T-shirts, hats, and collectables for the alternative lifestyle.

Getting Started